This is a brass dallah. It is a brass pot with a long spout designed specifically for making Arabic coffee.

Antiques of questionable quality existed in my house alongside beautiful teak desks and credenzas from by husband's uncle's A frame in the Portland hills.  My giant Duncan Phyfe table and six chairs that I saved up for and purchased from our neighbors in Ann Arbor sat next to a gold-painted buffet with cut-off legs that my aunt had painted mustard yellow for the beach cabin.  Our television was housed in a tall antique dresser with pull-out shelves that I think had been used as a butler's pantry piece before my children's beloved piano teacher had used it in her house, and then given it to me.  Two of my favorite pieces were low, inlaid Japanese coffee tables with large curved legs that we purchased at the best flea market ever outside of Dallas, TX when we lived there in the 80's.  They had been in a bank building before we snatched them up at a wonderful place called "First Monday Trade Days" in Canton, Texas.  I hope to visit there again soon and show you this fabulous place!  Atop this eclectic assortment I carefully arranged teacups from my grandparents and their trips around the world (they brought them back for my sister and me... Old English Rose was always my favorite and when I grew up I purchased it for my china pattern), pictures of my family, several sizes of brass dalllah from Abu Dhabi that my husband  brought home from teaching there, antique wooden clocks from three generations of my mother's family, an oil painting of mums from a family friend who I knew as a young girl, other small paintings and vintage photos of Multnomah Falls ( which my husband and I collect because he proposed to me on the bridge), and countless other treasures that I have, over the years, decided deserve a home in our house and our lives.  They make me happy and remind me daily of the people who owned, gave them to me, or made them for me.

  • Mums

    Tessie, the mother of my aunt, painted this. It has elements of toll painting which was very popular in the 70's. I love the colors and think it is a bit Van Gogh-ish.

  • Vintage Oregon Plate

    This plate was my Grandmother's. It was made by Johnson Bros, England for the Meier and Frank Co. This center scene shows Oregon City, the Willamette River, and Mt. Hood in the background.

  • Multhomah Falls Dance Card

    The card is unused but I love the thought of someone carrying this around and having partners sign up for a dance.