Mar. 16, 2015


I had a great run on Sunday with my hubby.  He hadn't actually run outside for awhile, so it made me feel really strong to run with him, if you know what I mean.  We ran down a beautiful canyon trail by our house .  Grass meadows, cacti, pine trees, rosemary, wonderful smells and sunshine.  No rattlesnakes this time, but I did love the little lizards that darted across the trail in front of us.  It ended up being a 4 mile run, walk, jump over creeks type of training day!

Before I forget, I want to sing the praises of my new running shoes.  Being upwards of 50, I about hobbled myself when I started running again in whatever shoes I could find in my closet.  I really do know better.  I decided to bite the bullet and go to an actual running store where they fit you with shoes specifically chosen for the way you run.  I was EXTREMELY skeptical about the whole process, especially when I walked into the RoadRunner Sports store and immediately was put on a waiting list for the "SHOEDOG" experience.  While I was waiting several people at the counter bought memberships to the VIP club and someone rang a really annoying bell - like Trader Joe's on steroids.

Before I had too much time to get snarky about the poster with the cute dalmation dog sitting with his paws on a pair of running shoes (instead of chewing them) it was my turn.  A very professional employee explained the process.  We were going to measure my feet for width and length, discuss how much and where I would be running, making a custom pair of insoles that I could purchase or not, and take a short video of me running on the treadmill to see how my feet were aligning. 

After we did all that (about 10 minutes) I was passed on to another person who looked at my stats, and presented me with three pairs of shoes that fit my profile.  The first pair was like butter on my feet, and I ended up purchasing them, along with the custom insoles because I have a very high arch and it had been killing me!  I can use those insoles in any sports shoes.

I proceeded to the check-out counter where I was pleasantly surprised at my bill, and yes, I bought into the VIP club and they rang that darn bell.  I will get 10% off any purchase for a year, and can bring my shoes back for up to 90 days if I don't like them.

The funny part about this experience was that I was on the look-out to be taken to the bank with extras - you know - "You really need this running fanny pack with room for 10 energy bars, 5 water bottles and your dog."  The only item that smacked of this during my visit was a foot-roller-thingy that the girl who took all my measurements said I really needed because I had mentioned that my arches had been hurting.  This contraption was about 14 inches long, multi-colored, and looked like it was made out of legos.  I noticed that she brought it over to the person who was finding shoes for me and set it on the bench where I was sitting.  I purposely ignored it, and left it sitting there without bothering to try it or see how much it was.  Of course I didn't need it and it must have been horribly expensive... right??  I did pick up 3 pairs of ultra-thin running socks...

I leave feeling like I haven't been ripped-off, and I go home, run with my new shoes, insoles, running socks and VIP membership.  I'm pretty happy until the morning after my run when I'm walking around barefoot and start feeling a little tweak in my... wait for it... ARCHES!!! 

I haven't gone back to get the roller thingy yet, but when I do at least I'll get 10% off.  Maybe they will even ring the bell for me.