Apr. 1, 2015

Into every runner's life a little injury must fall...

No, that is not me doing yoga.

Yes, this is a runner's journal.

No, I cannot run this week.

Yes, my pet peeve is when people get on a blog or Facebook and tell me that they have the flu - or something like that.

No, I do not have the flu.

Yes, I did do my 4 mile long run a week ago Sunday.

Yes, it felt pretty good and I ran 11 minute miles with 3 minutes total walking time.

Yes, I was happy about it.

Yes, I woke up the next morning and couldn't stand up straight.

Yes, I had worn my new fantastic running shoes.

No, I did not stop working out.

Yes, I do believe in the "pound it out" method of recovery, so I did the elliptical and limped along on the treadmill.

No, my back is not better.

Yes, I am getting a little worried.

Why the yoga picture?  Because perhaps if I had stretched before and after that run last week I wouldn't be limping around right now. 

My daughter in law and her mother posted the following yoga for runners link and I am doing it daily even though I can't run.  It is from an online yoga link called Ekhartyoga.com.  You have to subscribe to the service to view all of the yoga videos, but if you go to YouTube and search for Ekhart Yoga for runners, you will find three videos, 20 minutes in total length, that are great for warming up and down, or in my case, rehabilitating.