Jun. 17, 2015

Bootcamp for everyone!

Riley and I are both going to bootcamp!  He's going to learn how to be a good doggy and how to not act like he wants to eat other dogs when we pass them on the leash, and I'm going to my own self-imposed bootcamp to reshape my body.

Oh yes, I have tried "Brazilian Butt Lift," "PDX 90," "Hip Hop Abs," Tracy Anderson," and several other videos over the past several years. I won't bore you with the various reasons why I didn't like them or why they didn't work for me or why I couldn't even do some of them.  I'm ready for one to work, and I think I've actually found it!  It's called... drumroll please...T-Tapp Workout.  I first saw it on our local public tv station.  They were giving it away as part of a pledge package and Teresa Tapp, the creator, was demonstrating several of the workout moves and talking about how she developed it.  I went online to www.t-tapp.com and purchased her book, Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes, and two of her videos, Basic Workout Plus (15 minutes) and Total Workout (55 minutes).

Her methods and moves come from several years of working with many different kinds of people, from models to patients rehabilitating from surgeries or injuries.  She promises everything from inches and cellulite loss to better digestion and lower blood sugar.  You know what, I just want a smaller tummy and some actual proof that what I am doing is making a significant difference in my body.  Apparently, weight-loss is a by-product of the program but she emphasizes that you might not lose weight because you are building longer, lean muscle.

I have done the 55 minute video for two days in a row, and it was not easy for me.  I consider myself in pretty good shape, having worked-out at least six days a week for the past few years, and I think that these workouts will actually be challenging.  The moves remind me of a standing combination of yoga, Tracy Anderson and strength and stretching moves; all performed with feet straight and apart, knees pushing out, butt tucked, and shoulders back.  The stance alone is difficult but obviously designed to give you a core of steel.  Ms. Tapp suggests that you only do her program and don't do other exercises until at least you have completed the initial 14 day bootcamp.

I have chosen a specific bootcamp that promises to help me lose four or more clothing sizes, which is a joke because that would put me at a size 6.  I have never been a size 6, even when I lost 30 pounds on Weight Watchers.  I was maybe a size six when I was in Jr. High... nevermind, I'm going for the most extreme program and I'm going to stick with it because I can!  Here is my program:

 - Do a full T-Tapp workout (I'm doing the 55 minute) 14 days in a row.

 - Then switch to an every-other-day workout schedule for four to five weeks.

 - then take two days off between workouts for another four to five weeks.

 - Once you have reached your desired clothing size, work out once or twice a week to maintain results.

This program is based on moves that rebuild connections throughout your muscles, fire-up your metabolism and build fat-eating muscle.  Sounds good to me!  I have chosen to measure the parts of my body that I want to significantly shrink - my belly and my thighs.  I'll let you know weekly if I have made progress.  I'm also very interested in the claim that these exercises will reduce cellulite.  Nobody ever claims that!  Ms. Tapp does have an accompanying program which includes "skin brushing" for reducing cellulite.  I have decided to treat myself to it when/if the inches start coming off.

Wish me luck!