Jun. 28, 2015

Bootcamp Update

Riley quote: "I didn't sign up for this!"

Coco qoute:  "I did."

While Riley continues to receive obedience training at doggy bootcamp. my hubby and I took off on a work-related road trip of northern California.  We drove from the bay area to Sacramento and beyond.  At one point we stayed in a motel that was, well, not great.  You know, the kind where you strip the bed of everything but a sheet and put on lots of clothes, including socks, to sleep and use your rolled up jeans as a pillow??? Yep.  It was comforting to know that a band called "Kung Fu Vampire" was also staying at the motel.  I know this because their gigantic tour bus painted black and red with a giant vampire face on it was directly behind our room.  I admit, I'm not used to staying at a drive-up joint.  But I do admit it was handy when David had to sit on the stoop with his computer to pick up the wifi.

ANYWAY... needless to say, I did not do my workout that next morning.  And the next day we had to get up at 5:00 to get back on the road.  So.... I had to start  over my 14 day bootcamp at day 1.  I am currently on day 4, again.  I have done the 55 minute workout three of the four days, and one day I worked out on the elliptical and treadmill for 45 minutes and did the 15 minute T-Tapp workout.

About the workout.  I am impressed with it.  This workout is all about the "how."  While completing the exercises, you are constantly reminded on the DVD to push your knees out, tuck your butt and tummy, and keep your shoulders down and back.  You actually reset this stance after doing each series of exercise.  Not only does this work your core the entire time, I think it serves to protect your back.  I have noticed that just within a week of following this program I find myself standing taller with my shoulders back and stomach in.  You can even do this in the car.  While driving last week I thoughtfully adopted this pose while sitting.

Another feature of this workout is that evey series is made up of groups of 8 repetitions.  It is very comforting, actually, to know that your arms won't actually fall off even though they feel like they are getting close to falling off, because just when you think you can't do any more the 8 repetitions are over!

It is amazing how "heated-up" the workout gets you.  As I mentioned in my first blogpost about T-Tapp, many of the movements resemble standing yoga moves that require balance and strength, and cumulatively, they make you sweat about 10 minutes into it.

There is a 15 minute balance section about 30 minutes into the workout.  This is the bane of my existence.  You know that yoga series where you stand on one foot and bring your other leg up with knee bent and hook your foot above your knee??  No??  Well, it's hard, and takes lots of balance and your straight leg has to be steady and you have to really use your core.  Take that move but imagine your arms out at shoulder level and lift one knee at a time swinging your leg behind, to the side, forward, and at one point moving your arms side to side without falling down or putting your foot down.  Sounds like a contortionist at a Cirque du Soleil performance.  Yes, exactly!

I'll get back to you about my progress in a week or so.  In the meantime, check out this workout on www.t-tapp.com if you are interested.  I'm not getting paid to do this, I'm just a little cray-cray.