Mar. 31, 2016

To Fitbit or not to Fitbit

I bought my hubby one for Christmas.  He often sits at a desk all day at work, and I hoped that it would encourage him to get up more often and do a little walking.  I got him the version that also monitors your sleep, cuz seriously, the man can snore.  Besides counting your steps, miles moved and calories, it also gives you a heartrate and when synced with your phone, will scroll the name of a caller across the itty-bitty screen.  I love this last feature because he often is in meetings with his phone turned off and in his briefcase, so good luck trying to get a timely reply to a text or phone call.

He seemed happy to receive his sleek, black FitBit.  He even wore it while sleeping, until we realized that it just records when you move at night.  Periodically, when we were together and hiking or taking the dogs for a walk, he would comment on how far we had gone or how many steps he had taken.  I acknowledged this information with sincere interest, but didn't feel any pangs of jealousy.  After all, if I wanted to measure how far a run or walk was, I could simply drive my car along the route... right?  And I did have an armband to hold my phone when exercising if I wanted to know the time... even though the darn thing kind of hurt my arm and never really stayed in place.  And what about those emails that he got congratulating him on reaching his step goals or telling him that he had walked the height of the Eiffel Tower? Seriously.  Oh, and don't get me started about the times he wanted to reach his step goal and sat in his den or at the kitchen table swinging his arm back and forth to make the darn thing count his "steps."

But wouldn't it be fun to have him ask ME if I had reached my step goal for the day, or to set an outrageously high goal for every day of the week and try to meet it, even if I wasn't planning on excercising that day?  And what if it actually made a difference if I knew how many steps I had taken on any given day? I deserved to know what time it was without having to look at my phone, and that calorie counter on our elliptical machine was  always suspect to me.  Wouldn't it be great to have another calorie counter for a second opinion? Plus, I thought that I saw a purple one when I bought my husband's...

I'm pretty sure you know how this ends.  I did indeed purchase the purple FitBit for myself.  And I did wear it to Disneyland and post on Facebook that I walked 20,000 steps.  And I did stay up late one night walking around in circles in front of the television to get my 12,000 steps.  And I did appreciate, while shopping, the little buzz at my wrist with my daughter's name scrolling across the itty-bitty screen.  It is fun to compare my progress with my husband's, and I still try to wear my FitBit when I exercise.  10,000 steps a day is a relatively high goal and mine is 12,000, of course.  But I have decided that I'd rather wear one of my many beautiful bracelets on my wrist during an average day.  I usually walk the same route and I know how long it is and how generally how many steps it registers.  My skin gets itchy when I'm wearing my FitBit and sweating.  People don't really want to know on Facebook how far I've walked.  That itty-bitty screen is really hard to read in the sun and I don't wear a lot of purple.